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Welcome to the official Hotdrop web site. Here you could find band info, pics, music and other interesting stuff that we will be updating for you. Enjoy!

Sugar & Spice Hotdrop’s band new album!

Time to celebrate for European Reggae. Not too often one finds such a fine and senstitive reconstruction of Jamaicas late 70s, recalling the times when the seed had already grown to bring us pure musical gold.

Far form that little jewel ’People want to know’ (2004) and their first LP ’Ready’ (2007), which were followed by other works such as ’No barriers’ (2008) and several remixes and dub editions, this brand new Hotdrop release constitutes its definitive and personal musical consolidation. The classic vibes powered by the Puppa Shan hands at the mixing controls who enriches sound in an analogic style with spring reverb, tape delays and traditional live mixing, build up solid rhythm tracks where melodies shine in dub productions. Jack Ruby and Joe Gibbs would be proud of it!

In addition to an inmaculate instrumentation, fabulous vocal harmonies rise Hotdrop up to Mount Zion top.

The sufferahs moaning in ’Big Disgrace’ ("education of the population in their hands”); the discofunk touch in ’Don´t stop your step’ which echoes ’Regulars’, Third World and even The In-Crowd beats; the smokey pre-digital dancehall found in ’One Day’; ’Dont be late’s stepwise that expands into every dub-station of the planet; and particularly, the joyful ’Over Yonder’s lovers rock, with the souljazz vocals of Camila, the keyboard player, showing that good lovers is not only made in London or Tokio. All these ingredients blend to reveal the universal calling of this underground production which is worthy of merit.

Carlos Monty. Dec’ 2012

You can enjoy it at

Mixed by Puppashan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.

Mastered by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.

Produced by Puppashan & Hotdrop, Madrid 2013.

Under creative commons license 3.0. Spain.

Downtown Beat presenting "Home"

Downtown Beat is the new surprising solo project from David Arribas, a multi instrumental musician and part of the Spanish Reggae scene for over a decade. His particular signature has been sealed in bands like Hotdrop, Mood rakers, Soulvibes or Dub Rebels, he has also collaborated live and in studio with Emeterians, Mad Sensi, Amalgamah, Marlon Maga, Bass Culture Players....

Downtown Beat debuts with "Home", an album with ten tracks of Roots and Dub, that burst with freshness and natural flow, also brought from other friend musicians that contribute with their own energy on this project. Nine different voices and an Instrudub are in action in "Home", a smooth cocktail of pure jamaican sounds to be appreciated by all reggae lovers.

The majority of the album was recorded by David Arribas at SoulBeat Studio, analogically mixed by a reggae master Santiago Mijarra "Puppa Shan" in Discoinferno and mastered in London by Oscar Pablo "Ojah". The result is a solid sound with a twist of old school and modern vibes.

“Home” is edited under Creative Commons and Safe Creative license.

You can download it here!!!

Bass Culture Players - Temple Riddim

Bass Culture Players strikes back with its last release “Temple Riddim”.

This project, settled in Madrid, launches Dojo, a new label for recovering and spreading roots, organic and digital Jamaican music.

This release has focused on digital roots from the 90´s and 2000´s, building a powerful riddim on a smashing bass line, featuring different artists.

Please listen to Yeyo Perez, Pequeño Zergiote, Cultural Horns y Bass Culture Players riding the Temple Riddim, hope you to enjoy It!!

Free Download Here.

Bass Culture Players - Dub Box

We bring to you the latest Bass Culture Players musical dish called "Dub Box".

Bass Culture Players is a musical project influenced by roots reggae and dub productions from the 70´s until now.


Puppashan is a Jamaican rhythms lover and precursor in Spanish reggae music. He has worked in different projects related to this
music, such as Brentford Road fanzine, Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show or the soulful reggae band Hotdrop. He has developed his
career as an autodidact producer and shows his work in this new project: Bass Culture Players.

This showcase is a compilation of five singles (and its five dub mixes) recorded between 2008 and 2011. Puppashan has worked with
some of the best Spanish reggae musicians, from bands like Tasty Grooves, Hotdrop, Amalgamah, Rockers roots“Dub Box” has two
special collaborations: producer Dani Ites plays melodica in “Rally Round”, and Ranking Forrest, the genuine deejay from California,
works in the vocals of “Gwaan Good”.

Discoinferno is the studio where this production takes place, using analogical techniques and equipment, which have generated a whole
range of sounds and shades, evocating different ages and places. The mastering has been carried out in Rollover Studios (London) by
producer Oscar Pablos a.k.a. Ojah, who boosts the vintage textures that wrap up “Dub Box”.

This 10-track compilation rescues the essence of Jamaican productions, and brings it to this modern age where physical releases have
lost much of its importance. “Dub Box” musical and graphic work has been developed from the respect and admiration to Jamaican music.

Faithful to DIY conscience, this production is under Creative Commons license, available for free download here:

Bass Culture Players will be back soon with more of its personal productions, inspired in jamaican music.

Bass Culture Players - 8 for 8 riddim

Bass Culture Players brings you it´s latest production, a 10" digital "8 for 8 Riddim ". Now available for free download!


Paying a fresh tribute to the 80s, we present a proto-Jammys rhythm, produced and analog mixed by Puppashan at Discoinferno with the collaboration of 3 outstanding vocalists: Sammy Gold, Ranking Forrest & U-Rie. Check out the essential dub versions by Bass Culture Players. Dubwise!

Marking the 10th anniversary of Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show we present this a 10" digital "8 for 8 Riddim", launched by Back-A-Yard, a digital virtual label subsidiary of Lafamille Music.

As usual in Discoinferno productions, this "One riddim" is released under Creative Commons license and you can download free from
Stay tuned.

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