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Hotdrop "Sugar & Spice" (Lafamille Music 2013)

"...Time to celebrate for European Reggae. Not too often one finds such a fine and senstitive reconstruction of Jamaicas late 70s, recalling the times when the seed had already grown to bring us pure musical gold.

The sufferahs moaning in ’Big Disgrace’ ("education of the population in their hands”); the discofunk touch in ’Don´t stop your step’ which echoes ’Regulars’, Third World and even The In-Crowd beats; the smokey pre-digital dancehall found in ’One Day’; ’Dont be late’s stepwise that expands into every dub-station of the planet; and particularly, the joyful ’Over Yonder’s lovers rock, with the souljazz vocals of Camila, the keyboard player, showing that good lovers is not only made in London or Tokio. All these ingredients blend to reveal the universal calling of this underground production which is worthy of merit..."

Carlos Monty. Dec’ 2012

You can enjoy it at

Mixed by Puppashan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.

Mastered by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.

Produced by Puppashan & Hotdrop, Madrid 2013.

Under creative commons license 3.0. Spain.

Various Artists - Dub Tentacles Vol.2

Dub Tentacles Vol.1 were the most downloaded album from Fresh Poulp in 2009. So it was obvious that we were going for another album this year. As the first volume gathered 13 artists from different cultures, this record spotlights French Dub : Volfoniq, Panda Dub, U-Stone or Barbes.D to say the least. Of course there is some foreign dub featured, from China, Greece, Belgium, Spain & Argentina. Dub in all its shapes ! From reggae roots to dubstep !

A big shout out to Fabio Vilassana & Tsunami Wazahari for their precious help! And a huge “Poulp Up” to all the artists involved in this album !

Hotdrop is featured in this release with "Should I" included in their latest release called "Dis[cover Showcase"].

Hotdrop - Should I (feat. Carlos Alonso) by puppashan

Various Artists - Dub Tentacles Vol.2

Download it for free here

Hotdrop – Should I (feat. Carlos Alonso)

Volfoniq – Skango dos (feat. Federico de Gennaro)
Crucial Alphonso – New Generation Steppers feat. Missing Link
Jiang Liang meets Jerry Coox – Pure Asian Dub
Shadowman – Mind Damages
Jean Paul Dub – Holidays In Vaticaen
Panda Dub – First Meet (feat. Youyou)
K-Sänn Dub System – Sensoriel Dub Rmx Poulp
U-Stone – Darkside Of My Soul
Warbass Live Dub – Grim Dub
No Name Dub – Dubolution
Barbes.D Meets Sammy Gold – A True Rastaman Dub
Vlastur – Interaction Dub (Megadrop RMX)

Mastering : Tsunami Wazahari (
Design / Programming and visual arts : Fabio Vilassana (

Website :
Myspace :

Hodrop - Dis[cover] Showcase

Greetings! Good news in the reggae-dub planet with Hotdrop’s new release ’Dis[cover] Showcase’ a delightful selection of powerful covers that aim straight to the heart of Jamaican rhythm lovers.

’Dis[cover]’ will rock you with its authentic showcase format, each track has a first vocal part which later gives way to a totally
atmospheric ‘Hotdroppic’ dub.

On this occasion, the Spanish band leaves its mark with a unique covers compilation, often played live by Hotdrop, which renders tribute
to souls classics (William Devaughn, The Spinners) and legendary late 70s reggae singles (Matumbi, Dennis Brown, Inner Circle).

Entirely recorded in Madrid city and mixed analogically in a 8 track device, ‘Dis[cover]’ works as a time machine that brings us these
vintage scented unique covers, never loosing Hotdrop’s refreshing sound.

The record travels from soul grounds with the mellow ‘Be Thankful’, passing the rhythmic soulful-reggae with ‘Bluebeat & Ska’ and the
indomitable ‘I’ll be around’, to end up flowing into the wild Caribbean sound of ‘Should I’ and ‘Reggae Thing’, culminating this musical trip in ‘Straight to the Greencat’s head’, dubwise from the caverns.

Hotdrop - Dis[Cover] Showcase

Download it for free here

1.- Be thankful extended version
2.- Bluebeat & ska discomix
3.- I’ll be there
4.- I’ll be there pt.2
5.- Should i ft. Carlos Alonso
6.- Drum & bass version
7.- Reggae thing ft. Quique Vaz
8.- Straight to the greencat’s head

Mixed by Puppashan @ discoinferno.
Masterized by Nick Litwin at Mastering Mansion Madrid.
Produced by Hotdrop, madrid 2010.

Licensed under creative commons 3.0. Spain

Jambassa - Macchine Parlanti (A quiet Bump 2009)

Straight from Italy arrives at last one of the most wanted albums of A Quiet Bump netlabel. Our brothers Gamino and Papa Lele a.k.a Jambassa released Macchine Parlanti , an album you can download for free, full dub sound with notable influences of electronic music.

Sounds ranging from the melodic "Like silence" from Candy and the Alpha Ranking dub poetry till Ranking Forrest original digital Deejay style.

Hotdrop is involved with an explosion of musical communion with Unravel, composed by Camila Monasterio. Do not miss it!

Download it here ... and visit the site for more hypnotic sounds.

1. Dreada dan dread feat. The Sleeping Tree
2. Like silence feat. ltd. Candy
3. The unpresent spirits feat. Rankin’ Alpha
4. Tutto come prima feat. Ketamo
5. Unravel feat. Hotdrop
6. Want rub a dub feat. Ranking Forrest
7. Combo combo thing feat. Reddog and Boom Buzz

JAMBASSA ft. Hotdrop - Unravel by puppashan

Download it for FREE.

Recorded, mixed & produced by Gamino & Papa Lele @ Qzone Studio (Monteforte, It).
Mastered by Giovanni "Bob" Roma @ Blackchannel Studio
Under Creative Commons License

VVAA - Revolutionary Dub Vibrations (Dub Vibrations, 2009)

Social networks are a great way to meet new people, share ideas, participate and grow together.

That’s what happened with Revolutionary Dub Gatherers, a vibrant social community involved in the reggae world, entirely devoted to these sounds. They decided to release a series of compilations with down to earth artists from the "underground" scene, blowing up the outdated music industry with its vibrations.

You can join the community visiting Dub Vibrations Community

Download it for free here!.

For this first volume we have artists such as:

Hotdrop collaborated with an unreleased tune, a melodica instrumental track that takes us to the other side of the world.

Hotdrop - Paua Chant by puppashan

"Paua Chant" is a original song from Miguel Santolaya
Performed by Hotdrop
Mixed by puppashan @ discoinferno studio, Madrid.
Mastered by Don Fe @ Don Fe Studios, Murcia

Download it for free here!.

Manwel T - Virtual Dub (Dubkey, 2009)

This artist, from the island of Malta, has been involved in the reggae music scene for quite a long time. He is the soul of Reggae Club, one of the first reggae programs on internet radio, and he also started years ago to make his own productions with the original tracks from various projects related to Reggae and Dub.

The elements of the first eight tracks on Manwel T’s second dub album were made available on the web for remixing purposes by Alpha & Omega (UK), Dubmatix (Canada), Hotdrop (Spain) and The Slackers (USA). A quick search on the net would provide you with many different versions of these tunes by all kinds of remixers. The last four tracks on the set were sent to Manwel T for remixing by Soul Remedy (Belgium) and Urban Dub (UK). The styles vary from 60s rocksteady to current steppers. What keeps it all together is Manwel T’s precise mixing style.

’Virtual Dub’ should appeal to all dub fans. Whether you’re into King Tubby or Aba Shanti, this will please you aplenty!

Hotdrop is featuring in this "Virtual Dub" Album with "Thirsty".

Hotdrop - Dub Thirsty (Mixed by Manwel T) by puppashan

Download it here.

01. Trample The Masters
02. Trample Dub
03. Dust, Dirt And Sand Treason
04. Dust, Dirt And Dub
05. Thirsty Dub
06. Dub Thirsty
07. Rude And Reckless Mood
08. Rude And Reckless Dub
09. Spiritual Dub
10. Dub Spiritual
11. Caliente Frio Dub
12. Hot And Cold

Singers and players:
Alpha & Omega
Fairshare Unity Sound
Reuben Master
Soul Remedy
The Slackers
Urban Dub

All tracks mixed on a PC by Manwel T.
More releases from Manwel T’s Dubkey Label

VVAA/Hotdrop "It’s a remix ting"

The spanish reggae band strikes back with this original project that has been created thanks to the collaboration of different international artists.

For the occasion, Hotdrop hits us with refreshing versions of some of the tracks included in their first record ’Ready’, made by the inspired hands of several producers.

’It’s a remix ting’ is still scented with jamaican rythms, but also oozes cutting edge sounds such as hip hop or dubstep, surprising and refreshing the spanish reggae scene. This work, purists abstain, is sealed with the style and personality of the following emergent artists from all over the world: Process Rebel (USA), Deeproots & Bean (Romania), Jambassa (Italy), Volfoniq (France), Cut la vis (UK) y Ojah (Spain). The tracks are genuine revisions of the original songs, pure reminiscences of what we first heard in ’Ready’, stating the creative turmoil in which jamaican music is evolving currently.

A unique and adventurous trip across a whole heap of possibilities that will delight the lovers of musical challenges.

Share it!


1.- Process Rebel - Get Up’n Dub
2.- Deeproots & Bean - The Secret Version
3.- Jambassa - Row & Row Version
4.- Volfoniq - One Step a Dub
5.- Cut La Vis - Understanding
6.- Ojah - Inna Dubstep

Masterizado por Oscar Pablos Salazar en Music Alchemy, London.
Producido por hotdrop, Madrid 2009.

Bajo licencia creative commons 3.0. Spain


Hotdrop - The Secret Dubs Ep (A Quiet Bump ’08)

We have finally, thanks to a few of our secret agents some precious unreleased material from hotdrop headquarter in madrid. Aqbmp proudly
presents 5 soulful roots dub tracks plus 1 remix from our spanish reggae heroes. So far away from stereotype but so close to the roots…Enjoy the vibes! [taken from AQB site]

You can download the release here

We wish you like it.

1.- Thirsty Version
2.- Sexo Dub Chapter 1
3.- Dubbing The Secret
4.- Tell Me Dub
5.- Never Rub (switching dub version)
6.- Row & Row (jambassa remix)

Released under Creative Commons license in A quiet Bump (net) label.
Attribution-Non commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License

Hotdrop No Barriers 10’’ (Lafamille Music, 2008)

The 10” limited edition EP "No Barriers" includes "Thirsty" and "Tell me", the main hits of "Ready", with the particularity of being one of them ("Tell me"), an unreleased alternaltive mix to that of their first record. The other two brand new tracks in "No Barrierrs" are result of special colaborations.

"Whole Heap of Rockers", interpreted by Ranking Forrest and Jah B, evokes the jamaican combination style over the "Tell me" original rhythm.

The other track, "Boat people", has been recorded with Ousmane Ndione a great singer from Senegal, whose sweet voice and lyrics, offers his personal look into the difficulties of migration.

The tracks were recorded at Bus Stop Records (Madrid), mixed by Victor Rice at El Rocha Estudio (Sao Paulo) and mastered by Ibon Larruzea at Euridia (Bilbao). This will be the first Lafamille release in vinyl.

The release of "No Barriers" is included in a larger project called "El Ferrocarril Clandestino", that promotes social action to grant inmigrant rights in Spain. Purchasing this record you are helping this network to fight the injustices derived from current inmigration policies.

A1.- Tell Me (take 2)
A2.- Whole Heap of Rockers ft. Ranking Forrest and Jah B
B1.- Thirsty
B2.- Boat People ft. Ousmane Ndione

Licensed under Creative Commons by Lafamille Music

Hotdrop’’Ready’’ Cd (Lafamille Music, 2007)

First Hotdrop’s LP, where you can find 12 cuts of soulful reggae, dub and powerful rhythms. Produced by Hotdrop and Victor Rice, ’Ready’ was recorded at Bus Stop Records and Doppler Studio (Madrid). It was mixed at El Rocha Estudio (Sao Paulo) and masterized at Euridia (Bilbao).

1. People Want to Know
2. Tell Me
3. See the Star
4. Sexo Duro
5. The Secret
6. Thirsty
7. Understanding
8. Row & Row
9. Hotdrop Inna Dance ft. Ranking Forrest
10. Dub he Pum Pum
11. VR Special
12. Thirsty for Dub

Licensed under Creative Commons by Lafamille Music

V.V.A.A. - Dubnight compilation Vol. 1 (Reggae Town Records 2007)

The german website dedicated to jamaican music, edited Dubnight Complitaion vol. 1, that included 18 european bands, supporting new dub talents. This project is leaded by Phil Harmony, broadcaster of Dubnight, the radio show that heats friday nights with roots and culture sounds from internet radio

The Dubnight is a non-profit project that aims to promote emergent dub bands around the world in a free way and without commertial restrictions.

You can freely download the tracks and the cover in the following link:


1.- Silent Surface (Ger) - Unity (Exclusive Dubnight Remix)
2.- Navigationsystem (Ger) - Sea Dub
3.- Adubta (Ger) - San Roque Dub
4.- Phil Harmony (Ger) - Dubnight (Exclusive Dubnight Mix)
5.- Sam Gilly (Aus)Killing dub
6.- Utterance (Ger) - Flamenco Dub (Dub Milan Dub Mix)
7.- Blue Elephant Studio feat. Nosixwe (Nor) - Kind of BLue Elephant
8.- Dub-for-light (USA) - One Nine Seven Six Dub
9.- Normaa (Es) - International Calling
10.- Soundalpha (Fr) - The Way
11.- The Blackstarliners (Fr) -Boumba
12.- The Dubsmith (USA) - Steprois
13.- Blackpaul Prod. (Ger) - One Dub Further
14.- Hotdrop (Es) - Dub The Pum Pum
15.- Parvez feat. Marlene Johnson (Aus) - Midnight Dub
16.- Dub Works (Ger) - Dub Fussi’n and Fighti’n
17.- Cesbeatz feat. Phil Harmony (Ger) - Sunsun Dub

More info:

Nueva traducción: V.V.A.A. - L’Edat Daurada Cd (Jamaican Memories, 2006)

This compilation edited by Jamaican Mamories, distro from Castellón, consists of 20 tracks by different bands from all over Spain. Hotdrop contributed with its song ’See the star’ , recorded in Dragon Studio in 2005 and mixed in Doppler Studio in 2006.


1. Ki Sap - 33 a mà
2. RootsDiamoons - Over the river
3. The Cabrians - Babaazooka
4. Soweto - Love me forever
5. Shanty Town - Really don´t care
6. La familia Torelli - Er dinero 96
7. Dandy Fever - Quero dicircho
8. Contratempo - Sixties
9. Los Retrovisores - Salimos en gente
10. Guaita´ls - La Venjança Reggae
11. Majaicans - Black Night
12. Meli & The Xavalins - A la lleva del biberó
13. Mood Rakers - Truth
14. 9 Millas - La Rueda
15. Radio Mundo - Ven y siente
16. Hotdrop - See the star
17. Jah’Sta - Soledad
18. Nano Bravo - Dar gracias al rey
19. Supa Bassie y Queen Smiley - Babylon bussines

Hotdrop Cd(Demo, 2004)

Autoedited demo, recorded and mixed in Doppler Studio in 2004. Included four tracks, that were released 500 copies, just a few months after the Hotdrop project was born.


1.People Want To know
2.Talking About Respect
4.Pumpum Extended ft. Ranking Forrest

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